FC Barcelona has once again renewed its depend on in GrassMaster by Tarkett sports for the pitch in their famous Camp Nou Stadium.


GrassMaster is a 100% natural lawn pitch reinforced by 20 million polypropylene fibres. The fibres are injected 18 cm deep and 2 cm above the surface, around every 2 cm across the pitch. The reinforced natural lawn system had previously been installed at Camiseta RB Leipzig Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper, the team’s training centre.


After years of studying the options to upgrade their field, FC Barcelona selected Tarkett Sports’ GrassMaster, which combines natural lawn with synthetic fibres to supply an all-season consistency. The system had been checked at the club’s training centre and then installed on several fields of the Ciutat Esportiva, including the Camp Tito Vilanova, the first Team’s main training pitch.


FC Barcelona are re-laying a new pitch after its substantial use during the post-season as lots of events are held on the lawn of the legendary Camp Nou Stadium.


The ingenuity of the system lies both underneath and above the surface: the natural lawn roots grow around the fibres, thus anchoring the field. The hybrid system makes sure an always even and stable surface.


Other prestigious stadiums in Europe also chose GrassMaster this summer: the Stadio Giuseppe Meazza in Milan, for example, is installing the reinforced natural lawn system for the sixth time.


Watch a video of the installation online at:


Main image (top) of FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou Stadium, courtesy: Victor Salgado/FCB


Liverpool FC select hybrid GrassMaster pitch at Anfield again

It has been another busy summer at Anfield after the completion of the new main Stand last year and the Reds are now preparing themselves to play their 2017-18 English Premier league (EPL) and European campaigns on a brand new GrassMaster pitch.


The Reds will undoubtedly play their home games on a brand new surface. The last installation of a GrassMaster pitch at Anfield was 16 years ago. The hybrid system uses a uniform and visually attractive surface with a proven lifespan of a lot more than 15 years. natural lawn roots grow around the PP fibres, thus anchoring the field and ensuring an always even and stable surface. This results in a consistent playing surface with impressive stability, a best fit for a club seeking to play long EPL and Champions league campaigns.


Liverpool FC have also used this technology during the last seasons at the Melwood training Ground.


GrassMaster supplies a best hybrid playing surface worldwide

GrassMaster has proven itself at distinguished events such as the FIFA world cup (South Africa 2010, Brazil 2014, Russia 2018), Rugby world cup (New Zealand2011, UK 2015), UEFA European championships (Portugal 2004, Ukraine 2012, Camiseta Club Tijuana France 2016) and the Olympic games (Athens 2004, London 2012, Rio 2016).


In addition to Liverpool FC, lots of other top-flight international clubs, such as Arsenal FC, Manchester City, Manchester United, Paris Saint-Germain, FC Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter and AC Milan, as well as King Abdullah stadium in Saudi Arabia, new England Patriots NFL and Wembley Stadium, have all chosen the GrassMaster system.


About Tarkett Camiseta Palmeiras sports hybrid Grass
A pioneer in hybrid lawn technology considering that 1989, GrassMaster, previously known as Desso GrassMaster, was developed to reinforce the durability and lifespan of natural lawn pitches for sports such as football and rugby. Over time, GrassMaster, now part of Tarkett Sports, has become the world’s leading innovative stitched pitch technology with a lot more than 650 references worldwide.


Today, Tarkett sports continues to lead the industry, having its stitched hybrid technology, GrassMaster and another new technology, called PlayMaster, a lay-and-play, carpet-based system, that makes sure instant playability.


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NB: We will soon be bringing you interviews with Henk van Raan, chief advancement Officer/Director facility Management, Amsterdam ArenA, and Arjan Knottnerus, Managing Director, FieldTurf Benelux BV in early August, which will be focusing on the venue’s decision to select Tarkett Sports’ new PlayMaster, lay-and-play, carpet-based hybrid lawn system at Amsterdam ArenA.

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