Comprising state-of-the-art facilities for neighborhood as well as elite athlete use, this major new sports as well as leisure campus for the city of Rizhao in Eastern China is found across three sites. 


The full masterplan, designed by AFL Architects, includes a 12,000-capacity stadium, training facilities, an e-sport arena as well as hotel/retail developments.


The 12,000-capacity stadium sits in the centre of the plaza, surrounded by a multi-hall sports venue, a gymnasium, swimming pool, as well as other mixed-use buildings.


The masterplan will be provided in phases, starting with the stadium itself as well as complying with the outline vision for the project, eventually ending up being a fully-accessible school for both elite athletes as well as the regional community.


The 12,000-capacity stadium sits in the centre of the plaza


The training ground is sited individually to the stadium. meant for regional team use, it holds a football academy, team lodging as well as three pitches. together with the stadium, it provides an aspirational, grass-root base for the advancement of football in the region.


Working directly with a industrial JV client as well as partnering with the Kehua sport organisation, this will be AFL Architect’s third compensation with Kehua sport Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Francia as well as sixth in the country; the method having previously designed the Kunming Campus, an elite Premier league training elite European teams when touring the country.


Phil Osborne, Director, AFL Architects, said:

We are proud to engage directly with the sporting aspiration of the city of Rizhao; to be at the forefront of producing an atmosphere in which players can train, compete, as well as advance from their regional team to the national stage.


Site works are because of commence on the very first stage of the job this Spring.


Above & primary picture (top): The full masterplan, designed by AFL Architects, Camiseta Selección de fútbol de Catar includes a 12,000-capacity stadium, training facilities, an e-sport arena as well as hotel/retail developments

The e-sport arena will be the very first in the region, with approximately 3,000-4,000 capacity, as Camiseta West Ham United well as will be AFL’s very first e-sport arena.


E-sports is the fastest growing sport across much of the world. Its diverse variety of games as well as inclusive nature produces a unique set of challenges, as does the game’s fast growth in China.


This continuous growth into China likewise comes at a crucial point for the practice, complying with its shipment of the FIFA world cup final stadium for the 2022 FIFA world cup Qatar™, namely Lusail Stadium, as well as its continuing worldwide work in the middle East, Turkey as well as Ireland.


Images, courtesy: AFL Architects 


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