trying Harder in Golf Can Backfire

After a bad couple of bad holes or poor shots, do you try extra hard to try to make up for this and try to hit ideal shots?

This is a common trap for numerous of the perfectionist golfers I work with.

In sports, trying too hard or forcing play is referred to as pressing. pressing is never an effective method to improve play or get shots back in a round.

Take the case of Marissa M…

Marissa is a scratch golfer who performs consistently well in practice rounds.

Marissa plays terrific in tournaments many of the time but she frequently runs into trouble after double bogeying a hole.

Instead of moving on from that hole and refocusing on her technique for the next hole, Marissa tends to press, trying to make up those two strokes on the next hole.

When she tries to shoot for an eagle, Marissa is anxious and becomes obsessed with trying to make the ideal shot.

Marissa tends to tighten up on her tee shots and sends her drives off line… and when she putts, Marissa’s tense muscles typically cause her to leave putts short.

In short, when Marissa presses, she typically double bogeys again.

The essential to playing with count on is a smooth, fluid stroke, which is enhanced by a unwinded mind and body.
Relaxation is enhanced when you are immersed in the present moment or when you are fully focused on the current shot.

When your mind time travels to the future, worry and tension increase, knocking you off your game and throwing off your mechanics.

Meijer LPGA classic winner, 19-year-old Brooke Henderson, won her fourth LPGA trip title, holding off Michelle Wie and Lexi Thompson by two strokes in the final round despite windy and wet conditions.

Despite her last win coming a year ago, Henderson stayed client and didn’t press even as other golfers moved into striking distance.

The essential to Henderson’s game is playing in the moment, one hole at a time.
At the 2017 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship, Henderson even more expounded on how she is able to maintain her focus throughout a round of golf.

HENDERSON: “Definitely you need to have a strategy, and that’s what I’ve been really working hard on over the last three days, to get a technique for each hole.”

Henderson credit reports her mental toughness for her ability to focus on the present when the pressure is on.

HENDERSON: “I think mentally I’m very strong, which has helped me out, especially on the tougher golf courses and in major championships.”

Henderson’s technique can benefit your game too. After a bad hole, you may be tempted to make up a few strokes with one swing of the club.

Instead of getting overly focused on how numerous strokes you need to make up, pressing, or trying to make the ideal shot, focus on your Camiseta Tigres UANL technique for the next hole.

You simply can’t get shots back from previous holes. They are gone. The only thing you can do is play on with composure and stick to your game plan.

How to Play On Without Pressing:
Again pressing comes from focusing on past mistakes, so the way to avoid pressing is to keep your mind occupied and immerse yourself in the present moment.

Remind yourself that the past is in the past Camiseta Brighton & Hove Albion FC and to grind out the rest of the round on the remaining holes.

Stick to your game plan for the course and know that each new hole is an opportunity for birdie or a solid par.

All you can do is play the remaining holes with composure and focus and add up your score at the end of the round.

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